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Masters of Architecture Exhibition.

Tue 20th Dec '16Filed under
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A small exhibition of students work from the Master of Architecture (MArch) course, currently on the third floor of Mithras House, ...

Visualising the proposal

Mon 25th Apr '16Filed under
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As the end of the year draws closer one of the key ways of representing what you have designing is through visuals that tell the story of ...

Design development and amp; critical thinking

Sat 2nd Apr '16Filed under
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Throughout the design process students are asked to consider all elements of the design through a series of investigations, within these ...

Programme building

Sat 12th Mar '16Filed under
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As the students progress through this term they are beginning to make way for some interesting programmes – these have manifested from the ...

No. 39 – Silo site investigation

Thu 25th Feb '16Filed under
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Studio Survivor not only had to gather as much information from their site visit as possible but they also only had three hours to survey ...

From the experiment to the programme

Wed 17th Feb '16Filed under
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Having searched the surrounding area for clues, stories and facts that might lead them to an interesting avenue to explore, the students ...

Exploring site possibilities

Mon 18th Jan '16Filed under
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SG3's site is a slice of Lewes Road, Brighton. Rather than giving the studios a particular site to work with they have been asked to ...

Momento explore the Lewes Road site

Mon 18th Jan '16Filed under
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Momento's students, this week, got tasked with exploring the site they will be working on for the next two terms. Beginning with a building ...

Making, recording, testing and exploring.

Tue 8th Dec '15Filed under
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The first project undertaken by Studio 07 students was the exploration of materials and light. The challenge was to make a lamp shade, but ...

Drawing explorations

Mon 23rd Nov '15Filed under
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Studio 06 have been exploring within their drawings, notions of place as an ever changing set of relationships subject to continuous ...