Listening to Duncan’s views on the circular economy and more.

Our Climate Literacy Champion who is of course one of the UK’s leading climate-conscious architects and activists Duncan Baker Brown is off to Amsterdam next week (by train obviously) to do a ‘fireside chat’ with RIBA President Elect Muyiwa Oki.

They will be discussing ways in which UK architecture is accelerating the transition towards a circular low carbon and regenerative built environment.

Here’s a link to more information on LinkedIn.

Closer to home in the latest edition of the University’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Magazine, there is a filmed interview with Duncan and Professor Mark Devenney about his work on sustainable architecture and how it can have an impact on climate change: you can view it here Interview in new-look R&KE magazine asks how architecture is tackling climate change (

During the interview Duncan talks about the impact that studying at the University of Brighton has had on his career and also about the current opportunities to study sustainable architecture in our school.

Duncan has also just published a podcast with RIBA Future Architects. This is a really interesting podcast which includes topics such as ‘why study an architecture apprenticeship’, ‘Starting out in architecture school’ and ‘Postcolonial Architecture and identity politics’ to mention just a few.

Duncan’s podcast is Episode 18 ‘Circular Economy’