No. 39 – Silo site investigation

Studio Survivor not only had to gather as much information from their site visit as possible but they also only had three hours to survey the building! This time limit meant that the students had to work well within their groups in order to get the buildings measurements as well as a clear understanding of the materials and qualities of the building.

The students went in at a different angle to others and researched the sites history, surroundings and general orientation before they visited, this meant they were knowledgable already of the sites social standing in the community. This can be beneficial but it can also be a hinderance – they had to be open to surprises, anomalies and steer clear of the generalisations that can easily crop up when you research an area without exploring it for yourself.

They then had to create a comprehensive set of drawings as a group, as well as putting their secondary research onto paper to present at the end of week pin up – a busy week for the Survivors!