Momento explore the Lewes Road site

Momento’s students, this week, got tasked with exploring the site they will be working on for the next two terms. Beginning with a building survey, the site Kicks Martial Arts centre on Lewes Road, was thoroughly drawn out in plan and section after the students had teamed up to take the measurements of each space. After this came a materials survey that looked into the flint walls of the original building as well as research into the construction of the new extension.

But … a site survey does not include just the site itself! Each student made a huge effort to understand the surrounding area as well – the social diversity, history, local amenities and more.  They then had to get all the information they had discovered onto paper or into model form so they could start to tell the story within their projects portfolio.

The owner of the site also offered up some interesting information about the history of the buildings usage and even got a few of them to sign up for a class or two of kickboxing. Exploring a site is incredibly important in the process of understanding it’s role in the community, without it how would you know what you may propose will be a success?