Cross Studio Peer Reviews.

Cross studio peer reviews provide an opportunity to clarify your project and identify areas that may still need work or are not clear at the moment (for example key moments in your narrative that help to underpin the rationale of your design).

Peer reviews run for an hour to 75 min and students are advised to┬átake notes for their partner – using a list of helpful questions from tutors.

These reviews also provide the chance to ‘practice’ presenting and think about ‘how’ you will present. Ideally presentations should take about 3 minutes and cover all the important elements of a project (programme, site location, what you are trying to do in the design (what is important for you and the project?), who is using it, what materials your architecture is made from, etc.).

Feedback should be identifying parts that are unclear and need work. It should be equally identifying what is going well, as these strengths will want to be highlighted in the portfolio.