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Thinking Through Drawing

Thu 16th Jan '20Filed under ,
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Over the last few months technical staff spent some time away from their usual duties to run some sessions as part of the Level 5 ...

M’Arch Studio 2 Exhibition.

Thu 16th Jan '20Filed under
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M'Arch Studio 2 have curated a small exhibition to show their studio work to date.  The Studio led by Simon Beames focuses on the ...

The case for never demolishing another building.

Tue 14th Jan '20Filed under
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2020 is the year of the very first School of Reconstruction. This is an exciting project where  multi-disciplinary teams will come together ...

Turncoats returns.

Tue 7th Jan '20Filed under
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Five years ago Robert Mull, Phin Harper and Maria Smith set up Turncoats. Turncoats is a series of debates that asks participants to respond ...

A lively Election Debate.

Wed 11th Dec '19Filed under ,
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Students from across the University filled the Lecture Theatre for an important Pre Election Question Time Debate on Thursday evening to ...

Please sign Architects Climate Action Network Open Letter in Support for Tom Bennett.

Mon 9th Dec '19Filed under
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Architect Tom Bennett was arrested on Waterloo Bridge in London in April 2019 for peacefully protesting as part of the Extinction Rebellion ...

Taking to the Streets.

Wed 4th Dec '19Filed under ,
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This week members of UCU from our School of Architecture and Design and other schools at the University of Brighton and University of Sussex ...

Level 5 and 6 Systems and Materials Day of Making.

Mon 25th Nov '19Filed under
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Second and third year BA Interior Architecture students threw themselves into learning and designing through making, as part of the ...

That first pin up.

Fri 22nd Nov '19Filed under
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First year BA Interior Architecture students braved their their first pin-up this week, sharing in-progress work across the studio with ...

Balance ..

Wed 6th Nov '19Filed under
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The School of Architecture and Design at Brighton has established an excellent reputation for supporting student well being. We actively ...