Well Being Week: 14th-18th November.

The Architecture and Design courses at Brighton have long had an excellent reputation for supporting student well being. We have always actively promoted a supportive studio culture and a strong sense of community. Of course over the last two years with various restrictions and lockdowns this has at times been a challenge. This week is Well Being Week and as such students are encouraged to discuss any issues that cause them anxiety or negative stress sooner rather than later. Students can book an appointment with Justine our Student Support and Guidance Tutor ssgtarchitectureanddesign@brighton.ac.uk or speak to their Studio Tutor in the first instance.

The importance of time management, healthy eating and avoiding all nighters is essential to our core values. We believe that taking time away from the studio to explore new experiences is not only good for your mental health and resilience but good for your creativity. Of course doing this with others can be even better. With this in mind students are being encouraged to try new things and reflect on how best to look after their mental health. The university has a range of activities taking place this week – see here https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/studentnewsandevents/2022/11/11/wellbeing-week-2022/?dm_i=34FY,1C3WJ,5EBDSK,5834F,1

We are also organising new Drawing Workshops (dates to be announced). -Drawing skills are of course an essential part of studying Architecture and Design. Whilst some students find sketching a relaxing activity others find it quite stressful. So the aim of these workshops will to embrace drawing in new ways so it becomes enjoyable rather than intimidating.

With the relaunch of the student society DASS and the return to in person studio teaching we are confident that studio culture and sense of belonging will return after a tough two years. With this mind there has been a lot of work put into re designing the studio spaces to make them more welcoming and vibrant. We also have launched a new website specifically for Mithras HouseĀ https://www.mithrashouse.info/

Here you can find helpful advice and information on a range of topics as well as online yoga classes and well being exercises too. These videos were developed specifically to help stressed out architecture and design students during the pandemic and can now be watched via the Mithras House website.

And breathe …….