Subject to Change install their built devices on various sites within Stanmer Park.

Subject to Change is an experimental design studio.

By acknowledging that each place exists within multiple times – past, present and future – and the world around us always in the process of being re-made then, change is the only constant. Rather than simply dismissing the past or trying to maintain it, what if we were to embrace the area in-between, using its traces as clues, what then would the next iteration be?

Part One (dis-)place, a research and making led design investigation, has led to personally defined theoretical positions and a range of comprehensive programmatic briefs based on site discoveries across Stamner Park. Rigorous experimentation with material and techniques has informed conceptual design ideas and strategies for this specific context. The first semesters work culminated in a series of built devices installed on various sites within Stanmer Park, the output of which will become the instigator as we enter the major project: Part Two (maker-)space.