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A new low carbon Pavilion for Glyndebourne.

Wed 14th Apr '21Filed under
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Duncan Baker Brown's practice BakerBrown Studio have designed a new Pavilion for the world famous Glyndebourne Opera. This unique and ...

School of Reconstruction.

Thu 17th Oct '19Filed under
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Last week Duncan Baker Brown launched The School of Reconstruction an exciting project where  multi-disciplinary teams will come together ...

Duncan Baker Brown: Reducing construction waste and reusing materials.

Wed 11th Sep '19Filed under
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Our ever busy Duncan Baker-Brown has been interviewed by House Planning Help. Duncan who is Director of BBM Sustainable Design and tutor in ...

British Council Crafting Futures Network and Future Build 2019 success.

Thu 14th Mar '19Filed under
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Great news for Duncan Baker Brown, Nick Gant and colleagues as the application to become a member of the British Council Crafting Futures ...

Waste Zone: Bigger and better than ever before.

Mon 4th Mar '19Filed under
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The Waste Zone at FutureBuild 2019 has been curated once again by our very own Duncan Baker-Brown and Nick Gant. This year’s event ...

The Waste Zone: Future Build 2019

Wed 23rd Jan '19Filed under
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The Waste Zone curated by School of Architecture and Design, Senior Lecturer and Co Founder of BBM Sustainable Design, Duncan Baker Brown ...

Rosanna Brocklesby: Retrofitting Utopia.

Thu 7th Jun '18Filed under
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In Studio 05 we followed the programme of "retrofitting utopia" by designing proposals which allow our site: Thamesmead, London to begin its ...

Harry Harwood: Minimising Waste through Reusing and Playfully Adapting.

Mon 4th Jun '18Filed under
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"My current project is the conversion and remodelling of three existing rows of 1970’s, prefabricated concrete, residential terrace houses ...

Exhibition: Cultural Geometries Research, Marble Pavilion.

Thu 27th Oct '16Filed under
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First Year Course Leader, Michael Howe kicked off the weekly staff lecture series by talking about his research project - the fabrication of ...

Brighton staff and students show how its done at Making Lewes

Tue 24th Nov '15Filed under
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Architecture and design staff Duncan Baker-Brown, Nick Gant and Kate Cheyne took part in this years Making Lewes festival. The festival ...