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The Waste House Award for Circular Design 2021 Winners.

Mon 21st Jun '21Filed under ,
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We are very pleased to announce the winners of the Waste House Award for Circular Design 2021. This year the overall winner was Mungo ...

The Waste House Award for Circular Design 2021.

Wed 9th Jun '21Filed under ,
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The Waste House Award for Circular Design 2021 is open to any graduating students across any of our courses who have a project that ...

School of Reconstruction.

Thu 17th Oct '19Filed under
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Last week Duncan Baker Brown launched The School of Reconstruction an exciting project where  multi-disciplinary teams will come together ...

Brighton to host The School of Re-Construction in 2020.

Fri 4th Oct '19Filed under
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The University of Brighton’s School of Architecture & Design will be hosting a five day International Summer School from August ...

The award winning Waste House gets a makeover.

Fri 16th Nov '18Filed under
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The award-winning Waste House is having an autumn makeover as innovative new recycled and reused materials are incorporated into its ...

The Wastezone at EcoBuild present early findings of Sustainable Bio & Waste Recycled Material Interrreg Project.

Mon 30th Apr '18Filed under
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One of the biggest challenges for the construction industry will be that of acquiring the knowledge of how to effectively de-construct ...

Green Architecture Day 2017.

Thu 16th Mar '17Filed under
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Green Architecture Day will be held on Saturday 25th March; this is an annual event run by Brighton Permaculture in partnership with Low ...

Designers Can Save the World.

Thu 17th Nov '16Filed under
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Our very own Duncan Baker Brown is taking part in The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). His talk will be ...