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(re)Public Brighton

Fri 25th Sep '15Filed under
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Maintaining the trajectory of Studio 06, this year our territory is Valley Gardens, Brighton's most significant public space. Alongside ...

Flimwell live design-make project

Tue 25th Aug '15Filed under
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Studio 06 have been working at the Woodland Enterprise Centre and Flimwell during the summer break. Working alongside Andrew Paine ...

Seafronting Brighton

Sat 25th Oct '14Filed under
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All building is momentary and changing when viewed through an extended temporal lens. This lens reveals an architectural landscape richly ...

Kirsty McMullen wins RIBA Eye Line competition

Tue 5th Aug '14Filed under
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Kirsty McMullen, who graduated from RIBA Part 1 last year and is currently working at Spacecraft Architects, was declared joint winner with ...

Holly Crosbie shortlisted for the RIBA Bronze Medal 2012

Mon 24th Dec '12Filed under
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Holly proposed a Shoreham Village of Moving Image at Shoreham Fort, the home of the early British Film Industry because of the quality of ...