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A perfect ramble.

Thu 11th Oct '18Filed under
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M'Arch Studio 4 went on their first site visit this week on a perfect autumn day . This year the Studio led by Jeff Turko  will be staying ...

M’Arch Studio 4 Brief: Terra/Tectonics.

Fri 21st Sep '18Filed under
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“Well, now that we have gotten done with playing with the computer, we can get back to business.” Jeff Kipnis The studio aims at ...

Henna Patel: A Horticultural Society for Rottingdean.

Thu 31st May '18Filed under
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My proposal originally started with the idea of creating a home for the Horticultural Society of Rottingdean. My project develops on the ...

Off Grids: Expanding the Territories of Grounds and Envelopes.

Wed 21st Sep '16Filed under
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Studio Laboratory Four assembles around an expanding local agricultural industry, that of wine production. With the increase in mild ...

New Typologies for Living and Working

Mon 1st Feb '16Filed under
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Politics had been set at the beginning of the new academic year as an overarching theme for all the studios to think about. Studio 15 ...

Architectural Flaneurs

Wed 18th Nov '15Filed under
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‘ARCHITECTURAL’ FLANEURS Students in Studio 7 were given an initial introduction to Contemporary Evolutions from the Situationist ...

Studio Lab 3 – Research Approach

Tue 20th Oct '15Filed under
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Research approach Studio Laboratory 3's design research explores knowledge as a human construct through which we build models in an aim ...

Semester 1 – Site visit to Birling Gap & briefing from our live client; the National Trust

Mon 19th Oct '15Filed under
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Birling Gap in East Sussex is an extraordinary site to have for an exciting and challenging brief. The name itself comes from the view of ...

The Alfriston Guild of Tanners

Wed 29th May '13Filed under
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Max Tacchi's Alfriston Guild of Tanners project responds to the studio brief to design and place a new large building in the picturesque ...

*Amazing Alfriston!*

Mon 24th Sep '12Filed under
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Following on from our adventures in Winchelsea, this year Studio 01 will continue to make radical proposals in seemingly conservative ...