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Vivian wins RIBA Bursary.

Tue 15th Oct '19Filed under
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Congratulations to Vivian Wall, has won a bursary from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Vivian Wall who is studying ...

Sara House: Exploring Light and Space.

Wed 6th Jun '18Filed under
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Our site in studio 6 through the whole year was Rottingdean. During first them I became intrigued by the way light interacted with different ...

Henna Patel: A Horticultural Society for Rottingdean.

Thu 31st May '18Filed under
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My proposal originally started with the idea of creating a home for the Horticultural Society of Rottingdean. My project develops on the ...

Barnaby Maynard: Co-op++

Tue 29th May '18Filed under
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Co-op++ has been proposed in response to current problems surrounding Rottingdean’s rapidly stagnating social climate and the community ...

Body Space Landscape Extension Tool.

Wed 13th Dec '17Filed under
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Studio 06 students have been developing their body extension tools to articulate relationships between body and landscape within the studio ...

A wet and windy site visit.

Thu 5th Oct '17Filed under
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Studio 06 launched the year on Monday with a windy visit to Rottingdean where the studio will be working for the year. Hosted by members ...

Connective Architecture, Fragile Relationships and Resilient Edges.

Thu 28th Sep '17Filed under
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As designers we are party in the process of designing the built environment. This however rarely takes place as a single act but is part of ...