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We’re going on a Pleasure Hunt.

Tue 23rd Oct '18Filed under
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On Monday 8th October, members of the Near Futurists' Alliance, went on a hunt, an #NFApleasurehunt to be exact. Students were tasked, via ...

New Futurists’ Alliance: The Pleasure Hunt.

Wed 26th Sep '18Filed under
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What is the future of pleasure? As individuals, the places and experiences we derive pleasure from change throughout our lives. The same is ...

Pleasure and Urban Delight.

Thu 28th Sep '17Filed under
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We are story tellers - real or fictional. Our studio is interested in the latent qualities of residual, urban pockets and architectures that ...

RIBA excellence prize for Seaford design

Thu 24th Sep '15Filed under
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James Thompson, an architecture student at the University of Brighton has received a prize for excellence from the Royal Institute of ...

Seafronting Brighton

Sat 25th Oct '14Filed under
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All building is momentary and changing when viewed through an extended temporal lens. This lens reveals an architectural landscape richly ...

Pavilion Gardens

Wed 3rd Sep '14Filed under
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Following last year’s projects set in Regent Street and Regent’s Park in London, this year Studio 01 will be exploring the related ...

Pleasure: Year Theme 2014 – 2015.

Mon 1st Sep '14Filed under
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Architecture, unlike a game of checkers with fixed rules and a fixed number of pieces, and much like a joke, determined by context, is the ...