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Studio 4: Less is More exhibition.

Thu 13th Feb '20Filed under
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M'Arch Studio 4 have curated a small exhibition of their work for the third floor exhibition space in Mithras House.  This year the studio ...

New University Campus for Newhaven wins Prize.

Thu 15th Aug '19Filed under
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M'Arch student Angharad Webber has been awarded a prize for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for her idea ...

University of Fish Processing wins RIBA prize.

Wed 19th Jun '19Filed under
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Angharad Webber from M'Arch Studio 02 was awarded a RIBA prize at last weeks Graduate Show for her Part 2 Project.  Her project this year ...

A perfect ramble.

Thu 11th Oct '18Filed under
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M'Arch Studio 4 went on their first site visit this week on a perfect autumn day . This year the Studio led by Jeff Turko  will be staying ...

M’Arch Studio 2 Studio Brief: Pass Port.

Fri 21st Sep '18Filed under
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Introduction In 1967 Cedric Price proposed to transform the ruined industrial region of North Staffordshire into a mobile university ...

Only 203 to go ……

Mon 21st May '18Filed under
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Spare a thought for your tutors .....Rob, Lucy, Glenn and Ted who spent the weekend at Newhaven Fort working on the first assembly of the ...

Stereo: First and second year exhibition in city centre.

Tue 6th Jun '17Filed under
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While all eyes were on the final year students at the Degree Show, meanwhile at Werks Central in the city centre first and second year ...

Beautiful drawings at Table Reviews.

Fri 19th May '17Filed under
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Guest critics were full of praise for some of the beautiful and detailed drawings being shown at recent Level 5 and Level 6 table reviews. ...

Lively discussion at Interior Architecture Table Reviews.

Fri 19th May '17Filed under
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BA Interior Architecture studios have been a hive of activity in the last fortnight with productivity gaining momentum after the Easter ...


Fri 17th Feb '17Filed under
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On Monday 23rd January, a suitably foggy day, we made another trip to Newhaven, this time, and much to students approval, not to the Fort. ...