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Study Trip to Dartington Estate.

Fri 8th Dec '17Filed under
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As part of our investigation into experimental rural communities, Studio M1 taught by Charles Holland, Holly Lang and Vincent Lacovara ...

The only way is Essex…..

Wed 30th Aug '17Filed under
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As part of ongoing research at the university and his practice, Professor Charles Holland has contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book on ...


Wed 24th May '17Filed under
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What is it, or what was it to be modern? What was modernisim? And indeed what is 'Sussex Modernisim'? Answers may be found by taking the ...

Rural Futurism: Twins Talk.

Mon 6th Feb '17Filed under
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On Thursday 9th February 'Twins' continues, moving the debate into the countryside to discuss Rural Futurism. For all those who believe that ...

House for Essex nominated for Mies van der Rowe European Prize for Architecture 2017.

Tue 3rd Jan '17Filed under
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As we say goodbye to 2016 it is good to be able to end such a tumultuous year with some exciting news from Professor Charles Holland. His ...

Professor Charles Holland : Modernist Dreams.

Mon 19th Dec '16Filed under
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Our Professor of Architecture, Charles Holland has been dreaming about modernism on Stefi Orazi's excellent Modernist Estates blog. Here he ...