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Formative Reviews …..with a twist.

Wed 21st Nov '18Filed under
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It is that time of year again, the formative reviews! Thursday 15th November, each Interior Architecture studio pinned up their as usual but ...

Studio 11 Brief: Fields.

Mon 24th Sep '18Filed under
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"Field conditions are bottom-up phenomena, defined not by overarching geometrical schemas but by intricate local connections. Interval, ...

Precedents Studies: So much more than pretty pictures alone.

Fri 5th May '17Filed under
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One of the first tasks this term involved students pulling the name of a civic building out of a hat that they would then go on to produce a ...

Mapping Letchworth.

Thu 27th Oct '16Filed under
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Studio Laboratory One have been continuing to develop their own phenomena based on their findings from the Letchworth site visit. This week ...

Studio Laboratory One: Site visit to Letchworth.

Wed 12th Oct '16Filed under
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The M'Arch Studio One group led by Andre Viljoen and Alpa Depani visited Letchworth, Hertfordshire for a site visit. As part of the day, the ...