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Techie Tasters.

Tue 12th Mar '19Filed under
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As part of making the most of our fantastic new workshops that were built over the  summer BA Interior Architecture students from Level 5 ...

Studio 11 Brief: Fields.

Mon 24th Sep '18Filed under
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"Field conditions are bottom-up phenomena, defined not by overarching geometrical schemas but by intricate local connections. Interval, ...

As Yet Unbuilt.

Thu 28th Sep '17Filed under
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Design can be characterised by prioritising elaborate form over materialisation. Since the Renaissance the increasing division between the ...

Pleasure and Urban Delight.

Thu 28th Sep '17Filed under
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We are story tellers - real or fictional. Our studio is interested in the latent qualities of residual, urban pockets and architectures that ...

The countdown has begun.

Thu 25th May '17Filed under ,
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The countdown to the Degree Show has started - this year will mark our first year as a new School of Architecture and Design; with just over ...

Studio 10 Brief: Maintenance Architecture

Sat 1st Oct '16Filed under
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‘Architecture relies upon a never-ending regime of labour called maintenance. The purpose of maintenance is to restore newness to ...

Maintenance Architecture.

Mon 26th Sep '16Filed under
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Studio 10 returns for 2016, led again by Katy Beinart who is joined by Amy Butt. Architecture relies upon a never-ending regime of labour ...

Guest critics at interim review

Mon 14th Mar '16Filed under
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On March 9th Studio 12 held an interim review for second and third year students. Guest critics included former Brighton students Matt ...

Making, recording, testing and exploring.

Tue 8th Dec '15Filed under
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The first project undertaken by Studio 07 students was the exploration of materials and light. The challenge was to make a lamp shade, but ...

Brighton staff and students show how its done at Making Lewes

Tue 24th Nov '15Filed under
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Architecture and design staff Duncan Baker-Brown, Nick Gant and Kate Cheyne took part in this years Making Lewes festival. The festival ...