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Eray Çaylı London School of Economics: The Aesthetics of Extractivism in Turkey’s Kurdistan.

Wed 17th Feb '21Filed under
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This Monday's lunchtime research talk works from Eray Çaylı's current book project on the relationship between the violence of ...

Lunchtime Talk with Huda Tayob: Black Markets: Transnational Architectures of Care.

Tue 9th Feb '21Filed under
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Black Markets: Transnational Architectures of Care. In Cape Town, South Africa the spaces of refugee inhabitation are largely in ...

Lunchtime Talk Monday 8th February: Penelope Haralambidou – City of Ladies: Remodelling Christine de Pizan’s proto-feminist illuminated manuscript.

Sun 31st Jan '21Filed under
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For our second Lunchtime Research Talk we are delighted to welcome Professor Penelope Haralambidou who is Professor of Architecture and ...

Two New Lecture Series for 2021.

Thu 21st Jan '21Filed under
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To kick off  2021 the School of Architecture and Design are delighted to announced two fantastic new lecture series. The first is a series ...

Unlikely Partners Lunchtime Talks.

Mon 19th Oct '20Filed under ,
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In preparation for the formation of our new School of Technology we are launching a series of research conversations with colleagues from ...

Pedros Matos Gameiro entertains us.

Wed 6th Apr '16Filed under
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This week we were thrilled to spend the day with renowned architect Pedro Matos Gameiro.  Pedro is currently an Associate Professor at the ...