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A trip to Zaha Hadid’s Gallery and Offices.

Mon 10th Dec '18Filed under
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MArch1 Trip took a break from the studio on Friday for a study trip to the offices and Gallery of Zaha Hadid Architects. In addition to a ...

Micro Pavilions: Temporal Spaces.

Wed 25th Jan '17Filed under
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This exhibition showcases the working through of designs, ideas and prototypes made by Masters of Architecture students in their first year ...

Studio 06 Design–Make workshop, Flimwell.

Tue 1st Nov '16Filed under
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Studio 06 have been continuing their exploratory investigations and understanding of site and material in the High Weald. A beautiful ...

Brighton staff and students show how its done at Making Lewes

Tue 24th Nov '15Filed under
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Architecture and design staff Duncan Baker-Brown, Nick Gant and Kate Cheyne took part in this years Making Lewes festival. The festival ...