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First year study trip: Paris, Lille, Antwerp and a lot more.

Fri 20th Nov '15Filed under
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On Saturday at 1 am in the morning 50 first year Architecture students set off from a wet and windy Brighton to spend a packed week in ...

Architectural Flaneurs

Wed 18th Nov '15Filed under
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‘ARCHITECTURAL’ FLANEURS Students in Studio 7 were given an initial introduction to Contemporary Evolutions from the Situationist ...

Context workshop week one

Sat 14th Nov '15Filed under
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Twice annually within Interior Architecture the students take part in a week long workshop that lets them discover a new skill and work with ...

Drawing and making.

Tue 20th Oct '15Filed under
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Artist Claire Hoskin joined us for our seminar on drawing and making to show her drawing and small scale sculpture work in response to ...

Haptic Studio Portraits

Wed 18th Feb '15Filed under
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Taking a break one morning from tutorials, Studio 07 decided to do some quick haptic self portraits. A haptic self portrait is a drawing ...

Kirsty McMullen wins RIBA Eye Line competition

Tue 5th Aug '14Filed under
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Kirsty McMullen, who graduated from RIBA Part 1 last year and is currently working at Spacecraft Architects, was declared joint winner with ...


Tue 12th Nov '13Filed under
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After drawing everything in these spaces, situated to the side of Regent Street's axis, Studio 01 proposed adding to them in various ...

Draw Everything

Sat 26th Oct '13Filed under
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Axonometrics by Nicola Charalambides, Eva Chee, Toulla Kyriakou, Louise Fischer, Francis Naydler and Oliver Riviere  drawing everything ...

Lines through the City

Thu 24th Oct '13Filed under
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Georgia Antonopoulou

Drawings by Georgia Antonopoulou, Louise Fischer, Francis Naydler and Beth Rodway exploring Regent Street as a line cut through the city of ...

The Alfriston Guild of Tanners

Wed 29th May '13Filed under
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Max Tacchi's Alfriston Guild of Tanners project responds to the studio brief to design and place a new large building in the picturesque ...