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First year trip to Vienna.

Thu 13th Apr '17Filed under
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From the 27th February to the 2nd March the Level 4 Interior Architecture students visited Vienna for their study trip.  We spent an ...

The Re-Use Atlas: A Designer’s Guide Towards a Circular Economy.

Sun 2nd Apr '17Filed under
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Duncan Baker Brown's new book The Re-Use Atlas: A Designer's Guide Towards a Circular Economy is published today. The book is a highly ...

Design: Processes and Resolution.

Thu 30th Mar '17Filed under
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I started by placing different materials onto a transparent surface and lit them up on an overhead projector. The reflective surfaces ...

Less is More.

Thu 9th Feb '17Filed under
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As part of their emerging engagement with technology and design, Level 4 students designed and fabricated spaghetti structures over a quick ...

Micro Pavilions: Temporal Spaces.

Wed 25th Jan '17Filed under
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This exhibition showcases the working through of designs, ideas and prototypes made by Masters of Architecture students in their first year ...

Applying Ethics to Itself.

Mon 23rd Jan '17Filed under
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When we think about the relationship between ethics and design, we usually do so in terms of the application of the former to the latter. On ...

MArch Tables.

Tue 20th Dec '16Filed under
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Before heading off for a well earned Christmas break Studio Laboratory 3 students showed how their ongoing research is informing the ...

Professor Charles Holland : Modernist Dreams.

Mon 19th Dec '16Filed under
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Our Professor of Architecture, Charles Holland has been dreaming about modernism on Stefi Orazi's excellent Modernist Estates blog. Here he ...

Make History.

Tue 29th Nov '16Filed under
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Professor of Architecture, Charles Holland will be giving a talk on 1st December entitled 'Make History'. This talk will focus on a number ...

Brighton students host pop up workshop to visualise Garden City of the Future.

Thu 17th Nov '16Filed under
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Letchworth's historic shopping arcade will be a hive of activity this week as one its units is transformed into a 'pop-up' design workshop ...