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Highlights from 3rd Landscape

Fri 20th May '16Filed under
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Zella Packer’s Soft Surveillance is a critical and sophisticated reflection on the state of the UK’s prison system, and how it ...

Studio 3rd Landscape: Settling in.

Fri 11th Mar '16Filed under
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Building on the intents set up in initial spatial studies, the final stage of the work was to compose, in intricate detail, the day-to-day ...

Studio 3rd Landscape: Disembarking , first forays into the site.

Mon 29th Feb '16Filed under
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Through model making and collage, students have proposed processes for taking ownership of the new territory. These are conceptual studies ...

Studio 3rd Landscape: Building a colony

Mon 15th Feb '16Filed under
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To compose the needs of the group which the design will answer, students have researched subcultures to find a group with a presence or ...

Studio 3rd Landscape, site Investigation : Freehold terrace

Wed 20th Jan '16Filed under
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The site for the studio’s work occupies a nexus of conflicting agendas. The sprawl of the academic corridor; the hinterlands and grain ...

Studio 3rd Landscape: Brighton’s Hidden Histories

Mon 11th Jan '16Filed under
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Brighton and its surrounding territories have a long-standing history of hideouts and fringe societies.Wicca and pagan ritual have held a ...