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Lab Week: Pop Ups.

Wed 4th Mar '20Filed under
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Second and third year students from BA Interior Architecture tackled paper mechanics as part of the cross BAIA Lab Week, getting their heads ...

Paper Clouds: Reading Room.

Mon 4th Jun '18Filed under
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Studio 14 have created a 'Reading Room' installation and exhibition of work at St Peters House Library. The exhibition 'Paper Clouds - ...

Work in Progress

Wed 13th Dec '17Filed under
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Here are a few images from the current investigation work of Studio 14 students: Zuzzanah Kaczmarczyk, Zirui Wang, and Christopher ...

Paper Clouds: Libraries of Dreams, Thought, and Imagination.

Fri 27th Oct '17Filed under
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This year Studio 14 will be thinking about 'clouds' - that is 'paper clouds', as opposed to information held virtually 'in the cloud'. We ...


Wed 25th Oct '17Filed under
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Silence. Silence is the sound we commonly associate with the libraries? The silence of reading, concentrated study, or deep thought? Reading ...


Thu 12th Oct '17Filed under
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As part of the work for out 'Paper Clouds' project Studio 14 we travelled to Lewes, intent gathering 'readings' of the town. Our idea of ...


Thu 12th Oct '17Filed under
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Why books? Is there any intrinsic value in a book? Why books, when all the information is there - on your computer, or phone…? There ...

Not one but two new books launched.

Tue 16th May '17Filed under
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Next week sees the launch of not one but two new books by staff from School of Architecture and Design. Professor Jonathan Chapman and ...

The Re-Use Atlas: A Designer’s Guide Towards a Circular Economy.

Sun 2nd Apr '17Filed under
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Duncan Baker Brown's new book The Re-Use Atlas: A Designer's Guide Towards a Circular Economy is published today. The book is a highly ...