The Alfriston Guild of Tanners

Wed 29th May '13Filed under
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Max Tacchi's Alfriston Guild of Tanners project responds to the studio brief to design and place a new large building in the picturesque ...

Holly Crosbie shortlisted for the RIBA Bronze Medal 2012

Mon 24th Dec '12Filed under
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Holly proposed a Shoreham Village of Moving Image at Shoreham Fort, the home of the early British Film Industry because of the quality of ...

*Amazing Alfriston!*

Mon 24th Sep '12Filed under
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Following on from our adventures in Winchelsea, this year Studio 01 will continue to make radical proposals in seemingly conservative ...

Winchelsea: Wichel-CITY

Sat 24th Sep '11Filed under
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Winchelsea was founded as a new town in the C13th following Old Winchelsea’s cataclysmic descent into the sea. The new town retained the ...