Studio 7 Introduction

Tue 8th Sep '15Filed under
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Studio 07 emphasises the engagement, not the fragmentation, between the designing and crafting of architecture with its relationships and ...

Flimwell live design-make project

Tue 25th Aug '15Filed under
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Studio 06 have been working at the Woodland Enterprise Centre and Flimwell during the summer break. Working alongside Andrew Paine ...

Eve Olsen receives Honorable Mention in Nagoya Prize

Sun 7th Jun '15Filed under
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Studio 01's Eve Olsen has received an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Nagoya Prize, awarded in recognition of outstanding artistic achievement ...

Planning commences!

Tue 26th May '15Filed under
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Scale model of the Studio 01 display for the degree show.

Roma 2015.

Wed 25th Feb '15Filed under
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Studio 01 visit Rome!

Haptic Studio Portraits

Wed 18th Feb '15Filed under
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Taking a break one morning from tutorials, Studio 07 decided to do some quick haptic self portraits. A haptic self portrait is a drawing ...

Oliver Riviere wins RIBA Serjeant Award for Drawing

Thu 4th Dec '14Filed under
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A design project by Architecture BA(Hons) graduate Oliver Riviere, has won the prestigious RIBA Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing at ...

Seafronting Brighton

Sat 25th Oct '14Filed under
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All building is momentary and changing when viewed through an extended temporal lens. This lens reveals an architectural landscape richly ...

Regent’s X: Studio 01 exhibit at Royal College of Physicians.

Sun 21st Sep '14Filed under
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Students from BA Architecture Studio 01 exhibited their design work at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) as part of London Open House ...

Pavilion Gardens

Wed 3rd Sep '14Filed under
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Following last year’s projects set in Regent Street and Regent’s Park in London, this year Studio 01 will be exploring the related ...