Christ Church: Sunday evening.

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Christ Church Sunday evening, Christ Church Spitalfields, transformed by dramatic light - warm red and magenta pink. Moths to light, we ...


Fri 29th Jan '16Filed under
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We continue in light, in London, in January rain. Yet Studio 14 resists the tendency to start a project by first visiting the location and ...

Composing Conferences: Exploring alternatives to the traditional format of academic conferences

Sat 23rd Jan '16Filed under
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How can conferences be better organized? And how does their design relate to the content discussed in them? A newly published special issue ...

Live project model progress

Mon 18th Jan '16Filed under
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Studio 55 space – models are growing, architecture is beginning to take shape. Looking forward to seeing these buildings ‘flesh out’

Places to Live – Places to Work: New typologies for living & working

Fri 15th Jan '16Filed under
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The main project for Semester 2, Places to Live – Places to Work, aims to engage with notions of sustainable urban design in exploring new ...

Glasgow: The city of the dead.

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At the beginning of the second semester, a cohort of Studio 07 headed off to Glasgow, famously described by it native Billy Connolly ‘[it ...

The Prop.

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Having negotiated the territory of their garment with their peers, our students work on unexpected ways to support and discuss their ...

UNESCO Year of Light.

Tue 8th Dec '15Filed under
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In 2015 it was the UNESCO ‘year of light’, with a built environment section focusing on the fact that ‘lighting represents almost 20% ...

Making, recording, testing and exploring.

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The first project undertaken by Studio 07 students was the exploration of materials and light. The challenge was to make a lamp shade, but ...

Live project – construction update

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Live project – construction update! It’s beginning to take shape!