Studio BA 12

The general area of investigation for Studio 12 is the relationship between the spatial configurations of architecture and the way in which people inhabit, appropriate and transform them. We reflect on how people act in space by focusing on daily and mundane routines (washing, resting, putting the rubbish out, gardening, etc.). We look for the ways in which routines cut across labels and easily defined spaces.

In Term 1 will explore role of routines and rituals in designing housing. The studio will emphasize a non-linear approach, working from fragment to whole, and assembling ideas rather than working from controlling concepts. A series of exercises introducing this approach will lead to an architectural fragment as the main design for the term.

In Term 2 will develop a project for Brighton and Hove Council's 'New Homes for Neighbourhoods' program which providing newly built or refurbished homes for rental. The year theme will revolve around challenging the assumptions about territories in housing. This will range from questioning the assumptions we make about standard rooms (living, dining, sleeping, kitchen, bathroom) to those having to with the contiguousness of the dwelling itself. That is, could a home be distributed across a territory rather than contained within an easily defined envelop? Does a dwelling need to be contained within a single volume or could it be dispersed over a larger territory?

Studio tutors

2017 - 2018 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2016 - 2017 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2015 - 2016 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2014 - 2015 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2013 - 2014 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2012 - 2013 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2011 - 2012 Luis Diaz Ines Dantas
2018 -2019 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque
2019 - 2020 Luis Diaz Sean Albuquerque

Studio posts

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Studio 12: Reflections.

This year Studio 12 tackled the difficult problem of housing in mid- to high-rise buildings. The brief revolved around how inhabitants ...