Studio BA 11

This year Studio 11 will focus on notions of pleasure as a way to question and engage the potential of our site in the heart of Brighton. Whether it be through tourism, creative communities, shared desires, Brighton’s sea-life, the dense crisscross of lanes, or its meandering paths to the Downs, Brighton is known as a destination for pleasure. In today’s “climate emergency” are there differences between guilty and non-guilty pleasures? Can we have fun with architecture while being responsible to our wider environment? Can a fun palace be environmentally responsible? What are the relationships between pleasure and leisure in Brighton, and can pleasure be simply the guilt free process of knowing we are helping?

As a studio we encourage intuitive ways of working. We focus on the development of individual positions that reflect the changing nature of the world that we are in, and this is often a challenge. It may involve finding methods that are unknown and untested. The element of risk is always present. We welcome this and support an active desire to engage with the more unknown and yet- to-be-dicovered aspects of site, inhabitation and the architectural design process itself.

Studio tutors

2017 - 2018 Sam Lynch Gudrun Krabbe
2016 - 2017 Sam Lynch Gudrun Krabbe
2018 - 2019 Sam Lynch Gudrun Krabbe
2019 - 2020 Sam Lynch Keir Black

Studio posts

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Studio 11 Brief: Fields.

"Field conditions are bottom-up phenomena, defined not by overarching geometrical schemas but by intricate local connections. Interval, ...

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Amazing Animation …….

Last week Studio 11 had the pleasure of hosting an animation workshop by the Danish artist/architect Anne Haaning. Haaning's practice ...

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Technology is shifting more and more toward the intangible. The ubiquity of the digital interface is influencing our relationship to the ...

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Expanding Studio 11.

This new term brings the most exciting stage of the architecture studio as everyone engages with the architectural possibilities of their ...

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Early Site Explorations.

It is one of the busiest hubs in Brighton, this year Studio 11 is exploring the ever-transforming city scape between the station arches, the ...