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Studio 4 this year continues with its focus on the countryside. Once again asking the questions; What does the countryside truly offer? What

does it need? What are its futures? In previous years Studio 4 took the view that one might think the city is where the radical affects of new

technology and rapid population migrations would have a greater impact. However, it is becoming more evident that these trends are

impacting the countryside most of all and we continue to hold that view. But now the countryside is also where we are seeing the greatest

impacts on our environment on both the local and global scales. It is the setting for an interesting yet worrisome dichotomy, both the

articulation and growth of agricultural lands and the register of the decline of local species of flora & fauna. Where does the discipline of

architecture place itself in the current state of the Anthropoceane? How do we as a discipline address our current realities for a better future?

Studio tutors

2016 - 2017 Jeffrey P. Turko Filippos Filippidis
2015 - 2016 Jeffrey P. Turko Yota Adilenou
2014 - 2015 Jeffrey P. Turko Yota Adilenou
2013 - 2014 Jeffrey P. Turko Yota Adilenou
2012 - 2013 Jeffrey P. Turko Nate Kolbe
2018- 2019 Jeffrey P. Turko
2019 - 2020 Jeffrey P. Turko Nate Kolbe

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A perfect ramble.

M'Arch Studio 4 went on their first site visit this week on a perfect autumn day . This year the Studio led by Jeff Turko  will be staying ...