Studio M2 - Architecture MArch

Each year Studio 02 follows a series of parallel investigations, designing through Making and Representation. Learning and developing an appreciation of the ability for propositional architecture to assist in the initial development, growth, support and sustainability of new communities.
We look for the ability to read and work with a landscape, socially and environmentally - aiming to understand and appreciate the eccentric characters and sensitivities which are revealed.

The Studio proposes year long investigations through a single, evolving project. Starting with a simple proposition, such as our physical and spiritual refuge in 2017 which later became a vessel for the development of a unique brief, from which the community was born.
Studio 02 is focused on the development of the individual, as opposed to an overarching style or methodology. Students are encouraged to develop a new skill each year, apart from the ability to be better architects. By writing a statement at the start of the year students create a critical means to design and assess their own project. Giving strong reasons to outline a thesis and ultimately specific criteria for developing and evaluating their own project.

Studio 02 aims to research materialisation and design architecture through a better understanding of how to bring together traditional craft techniques with intermediate digital technologies, natural material and geometry.

The key proposition is that available digital design and fabrication technologies will enable traditional making techniques to be reinvented as innovative processes for architecture.

Studio tutors

2017 - 2018 Simon Beames Jean Francois C.Lemay Omid Kamvari
2016 - 2017 Simon Beames Luke Engleback and Kenny Fraser
2015 - 2016 Simon Beames Kenny Fraser
2014 - 2015 Emma Cheatle Frederik Petersen
2013 - 2014 Ivana Wingham Nick Hayhurst
2012 - 2013 Ivana Wingham Nick Hayhurst

Studio posts

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As Yet Unbuilt.

Design can be characterised by prioritising elaborate form over materialisation. Since the Renaissance the increasing division between the ...