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Design is Research studio focuses on the development of architectural responses to our growing ecological crisis. We pose a number of questions regarding the role of architects and architecture in relation to the unignorable challenges of climate change. These questions are based on a belief that architects can best respond through the act of design and that the development of meaningful built form is an important element within a wider system of ethical priorities.

Do aesthetics matter in the face of global climate change? Is architecture, in the traditional sense of the discipline, a decadent irrelevance in relation to our current ecological challenges? Or can it help to shape and define a meaningful response? What is an architecture that is not reliant on concrete, cement and brick? Is there an aesthetics of the circular economy and the fundamental rejection of cycles of waste? How do improvements to our built fabric impact on the composition and tectonic expression of buildings? Is beauty important in formulating a sustainable architecture?

Studio tutors

2017 - 2018 Professor Charles Holland Holly Lang and Vincent Lacovara
2018 - 2019 Professor Charles Holland Holly Lang and Vincent Lacovara
2019 - 2020 Professor Charles Holland Holly Lang

Studio posts

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Cornice Conversations.

On 3rd April Professor Charles Holland will be talking at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) the Institute of Technology in ...

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A walk across the clifftops.

As part of RIBA's Love Architecture Week, Professor Charles Holland will be leading what promises to be an interesting and informative walk ...

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M’Arch Studio M1 recently took part in one of the Architecture Foundation’s Megacrits. These events bring together a number of studios ...

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Utopia Revisited.

How do we begin to imagine new settlements today? How do we regain the ability to plan them with confidence, optimism and delight? And how, ...