Studio BA 01

Studio 01 addresses themes of scale, place and the public realm in both urban and rural contexts, exploring the planning and making of the built environment in contexts with already distinctive architectural characters. The studio emphasises the close study of existing conditions as a way of initiating spatial investigations in relation to specific places, which are then pursued through the speculative manipulation of spatial qualities in drawings and models. These investigations inform the design and placement of new public buildings in often sensitive locations.

Studio tutors

2018 - 2019 Ben Sweeting Alex Arestis
2015 - 2016 Ben Sweeting Sarah Castle
2014 - 2015 Ben Sweeting Tim Norman
2013 - 2014 Ben Sweeting Alex Arestis
2012 - 2013 Ben Sweeting Alex Arestis
2011 - 2012 Ben Sweeting Alex Arestis

Studio posts

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Matthew Chung: Rye.

Moment | Layers This drawing is an exploration of how Rye aged, which focuses on the diverse material choices and conditions in the St. ...

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Studio 01 visit Rye.

Studio 01 made their first site visit this week to the historic town of Rye to get an initial sense of the it's  important past and ...

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Multilayered cities

Mike Jones' sophisticated proposal takes advantage of the level changes between Western Road and the seafront to create a multilayered strip ...

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Reviews today

Thanks to Thomas Bryans of IF_DO for joining us as guest critic for today's reviews.