StuCAN: Time to get involved.

After the stop start nature of the past two years’ we are excited that StuCAN and ACAN Education are looking to re-energise the Student Climate Action Network from the start of this new academic year and need your help. Maintaining and building momentum is a real challenge in student action so they welcome both students and tutors who want to be part of this.

At the recent relaunch event there was a call-to-action by Scott McAulay, founder of the Anthropocene Architecture School and students and recent graduates shared their experiences of starting or sustaining climate action groups. If you missed the relaunch but want to be involved then please get in touch with StuCAN to learn more about hosting and planning events, or to share a success or challenge of being a climate activist. StuCAN are really keen to share ideas and collaborate across institutions.

About StuCAN

StuCAN is the Students Climate Action Network and is a branch of ACAN that supports a growing number of student-led climate action groups based in institutions across the UK and beyond. By connecting students of the built environment and supporting student voices in wider discussion of the climate and ecological crises with educators and regulatory bodies, StuCAN creates a platform for increased student agency and cultural transformation.

About Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN)

ACAN is a network of individuals within architecture and related built environment professions taking action to address the twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown.

The profession is not responding quickly enough to the climate emergency. As a network of individuals, ACAN directs personal expertise and singular efforts towards a common goal – systemic change in the profession and the construction industry at large. ACAN operates without commercial affiliations or support, allowing the network to act at pace and with autonomy. Through collective action, ACAN is working to demand, instigate and propagate the transformation of the construction industry.

ACAN is driven by three aims:

  1. Decarbonisation now
  2. Ecological regeneration
  3. Cultural transformation

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