RIBA Mock Interviews are Back….In Person !!

We are delighted that after being online in 2021 and 2020 the annual RIBA Mock Interviews for our graduating Architects and Interior Architects are back …in person!

This year we are back on campus for the first time in three years. So we will be using the Main Gallery on the 3rd floor of Mithras House for RIBA Mock Interviews this coming Thursday. 

The mock interviews are hugely valuable (and enjoyable) as students get to speak to a range of different practices and receive constructive feedback on their portfolios and CVs from different professionals in practice.

The event is much like speed dating in principle – Interviews are quick lasting about 15 minutes, which allows students to have 4, 5 or even 6 interviews in one afternoon with totally different people, who have (potentially) different point of views; so this is brilliant experience for them and some students will then go on to secure a follow up interview.

This cohort of graduating students are the ones who have suffered most with the impact of the Pandemic having been through several lockdowns and at times having to rely on remote learning opportunities rather than being in the studio with their peers so we are delighted that they can take part in this great event.

Good luck everyone.