Possibilities and Practices of Systemic Design: Call for Papers now open.

A call for papers for an October Conference ‘Possibilities and Practices of Systemic Design’ which is being organised by Dr. Ben Sweeting is now open until May 30th 2022.

As RSD moves into its second decade, it is possible to question systemic design’s emerging shape. What are the strengths and limits of joining systems thinking and design practice, and how do these compare to other frameworks? How can systemic designers learn from their growing bodies of practice? What does systemic design make possible, and what are its blind spots? Is it sufficiently radical? Sufficiently pragmatic? Which conventions does systemic design contest? Which does it leave in place? Does systemic design entail particular assumptions about the world, and what might the consequences of these be? As it becomes a more mainstream endeavour, how will it address issues of power, complicity, and privilege?

For more information please follow this link https://rsdsymposium.org/rsd11-call-for-papers/