MA Interior Design exhibition generating a lot of interest.

It’s great to be using the exhibition space to full effect again after the past two years disruption caused by the pandemic. Students from MA Interior Design have put on a brilliant exhibition of their work which is now on show and is the culmination of their new ‘Technology & Material Practices’ module.

The exhibition which is getting a lot of attention features material experiments that address the notion of ‘integrity’ and its relationship to spatial quality. But be quick as it is only on until Friday 28th so be sure to take time to have a look around ( as our Head of School and Associate Dean did yesterday).

Using the driver of ‘integrity’ MA Interior Design students have explored how material innovation can influence the experience of space. Through [re]investigating / [re]imagining / [re]interpreting a key material element of interest of a pavilion critically analysed – students are exploring and examining how these adaptations ultimately impact spatial quality. Thus, these are not building propositions or models as representations of space, but are instead made artefacts to test, experiment, investigate and manipulate material form and composition.

A huge thanks must go out the extended technical team for their commitment to the module, from planning stages in the summer, to tutorials, reviews and installation help……it looks great!