Inspirational Student Award 2022

2022 has been another testing year for students studying on practical courses such as Architecture and Design. We have been so impressed by the commitment and resilience shown by our wonderful students that in 2021 we introduced a new prize called the ‘Inspirational Student Award’. These are special awards that go to students who have been recognised as having made the absolute most of their time at University by fully engaging with a wide range of learning opportunities both and in and beyond the studio environment.

There were many students worthy of the award but after much deliberation two awards were made to Architecture and Design students, Rachel Wilson, MA Sustainable Design and Jamie Singleton, BA Architecture. A third award was made to Karla Strudwick who is a Project Management in Construction student.

Student Support and Guidance Tutor, Justine Devenney commented “Supporting student wellbeing has been always been a priority in our school and has of course been of the upmost importance again  this year with the impact of the pandemic still being felt. These three students have demonstrated a resourceful and proactive attitude throughout the year. Facing challenges head on and seeking advice and support when needed. They have engaged with a range of activities and services beyond their studio. Through their resilience and innovation they are both inspiring role models to other students. This award is therefore in recognition of a passion for learning in its widest sense and of the dedication and determination they have shown throughout the year, I am delighted for both of them”

On receiving their prizes Rachel and Jamie had this to say.

It is an honour to receive this award, which has come as a complete surprise. I want to express particular gratitude to my tutors Tom Ainsworth, Sally Sutherland and SSGT Justine Devenney, without whom I would not be in the position I am today to accept such an accolade. It has been a privilege to know them and to receive their guidance, wisdom and inspiration over the past nearly two years. My journey on this MA is a reflection of and testament to their unparalleled support, for which I am forever indebted both personally and professionally”

Rachel Wilson

‘The ability to manifest a vision and dream into concrete reality is something that has excited me from a young age, the possibility of implementing my ideologies to create inclusive and exemplary spaces that excite others is something I aspire to do. Architects such as Bjarke Ingels and Olafur Eliasson with their designs of spaces such as The Mountain and The 2003 Weather project have personally astounded me in how their engineering and program make them so pragmatic and gorgeous. I aspire to inspire much like I have been by others’

Jamie Singleton