In the Fog of War.

Professor Robert Mull has been curating a timely event with the Barbican Centre in support of the Kharkiv School of Architecture which he was involved in during its formation in 2016.

There are some interesting speakers so come and join the leaders of the Kharkiv School of Architecture and architects, academics and activists as they discuss how we can respond to the challenge of Ukrainian reconstruction.

The Kharkiv School of Architecture has relocated to Lviv and is leading the debate about how Ukraine can reconstruct its cities in a way that respects Ukrainian culture and resists what they describe as “colonization through reconstruction”. This event presents a series of presentations, discussions, and debates as it draws upon the experiences of Beirut, Belfast and Sarajevo to support Kharkiv as they work to find pathways through and beyond the war.


Chair: Robert Mull

Iryna Matsevo and Daria Ozhyhanova from the Kharkiv School

Hiba Bou Akar author of “For the War Yet to Come :Planning Beirut’s Frontiers”.

Vernes Čaušević and Lucy Dinnen prizewinning architects of the Most Mira Peace Centre in Bosnia

Mark Hackett a founder of Forum for Alternative Belfast

Robert Bevan  author of the “Destruction of Memory” and “Monumental Lies”


More details are here:

Architecture Foundation website

Barbican Centre  website