Help build Peace in a divided Bosnia & Herzegovina: Apply by Tuesday 15th March.

University of Brighton students are being offered a unique opportunity to apply for a Global Free Unit Summer School happening this summer.

We invite you to join the Architecture for Peace summer school 2022, to build peace with the Charity Most Mira (!Bridge of Peace”) in the war-torn region of Prijedor. Most Mira have been delivering creative peace building programs through participatory arts, theatre and architecture since 2009 in communities that remain politically divided along ethnic lines since the War in the 1990’s.

Most Mira are developing the international award-winning rammed earth Most Mira Peace Centre with Project V Architecture, planned for construction in 2022. Co-designed with B&H, EU and UK architecture students and the local community, through a participatory workshop programme since 2014, this project is demonstrating how sustainable architecture can provide a framework for reconciliation.

This Summer Course will run alongside the Peace Centre development, involving a 2-week on-site residency, led by Most Mira and Project V Architecture, in collaboration with the Global Free Unit (GFU) and Umeå School of Architecture (UMA). Students will learn to work resourcefully and collaboratively to design and prototype innovative building components, materials and furniture for the Centre, as well as a wider reconciliation strategy of small-scale architectural interventions throughout the disjointed rural landscape. The projects will be presented to Most Mira and neighbouring communities as sustainable “reconciliation gifts’

In a time of political fragility, this is a call for architecture students across Europe and B&H to come together in solidarity to promote peace and friendship. International students will work closely with B&H students. This course will be part of the Global Free Unit B&H Classroom, building on ten successful Most Mira architecture workshops running since 2014, as well as past and current UMA and GFU programmes in Russia, Lesvos and Izmir.

The application date is by Tuesday 15th March so time is very short – for more information contact Robert Mull by phone or email to discuss. or 07769555850.