Duncan Baker Brown live from COP 27 in Egypt.

We are very excited that Duncan Baker Brown is at COP 27 in Egypt this week. As ever Duncan will  speaking about sustainability issues and inspiring new ways of thinking about the built environment and climate crisis. Below is a link to a live stream of the debate Duncan is taking part in on Wednesday 16th November and the sessions that can be watched live here: bit.ly/3X5igd1

From 8 to 17 November, the Buildings Pavilion will be hosting over 50 events in line with the daily themes interconnected with the COP27 Presidency and Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) agendas.

Live from COP27 Buildings Pavilion auditorium | Globalabc


Tuesday 15 November, 10.30am to 12pm (EET)

Decarbonising the buildings system – how do we move from target setting to collective impact in decarbonising the buildings value-chain? 

RIBA sustainability expert member, Smith Mordak joins Jamie Rusby, Sustainability Director, VELUX; Richard Rugg, Managing Director of Programmes and Innovation, Carbon Trust; and Bex Porter, Built Environment Lead, UN Climate Champions, and others to discuss decarbonising buildings across the value chain. Hosted by VELUX, this roundtable event will take place in the Buildings Pavilion.

Tuesday 15 November, 2pm to 4pm (EET)

Local solutions – are they the key to realising nationally determined contributions?

This event will look at the role cities can play in bringing people together to find solutions to societal issues. As hubs of creativity and innovation, they provide the seeds for change through cross-sector initiatives. RIBA sustainability expert member Duncan Baker-Brown will be joining the session to discuss how urban solutions can be scaled up and drive a just transition to net zero. Hosted by KPMG, this event will take place in the Innovation Zone at the Climate Challenge Lab.

Wednesday 16 November, 10.30am to 11.30pm (EET)

Mobilising ambition loops to decarbonise the built environment 

Co-chair of RIBA’s Climate Task & Finish Group, Duncan Baker-Brown will join the World Green Building Council, Parliamentarians, and VELUX in this panel discussion about how collaborative action across the sector is needed to decarbonise the built environment. It will explore the type of ambition loops needed between businesses and governments to create a thriving and resilient buildings sector poised for a net zero economy. Hosted by VELUX, this event will take place at the Buildings Pavilion.

Watch the session livestream.

Wednesday 16 November, 1.30pm to 4.30pm (EET)

2030 is today: How we can act now to halve built environment emissions by 2030

RIBA’s sustainability expert member Smith Mordak will join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the World Green Building Council on this panel discussing terminologies, demonstrating actions beyond ambitions, and showcasing implementable solutions to reducing whole life carbon emissions through a reduction of operational and embodied carbon use. This event will take place at the Buildings Pavilion.

Thursday 17 November, 12pm to 1.30pm (EET)

How to implement the ambitions for decarbonising the built environment in long-term climate action plans

Co-chair of RIBA’s Climate Task & Finish Group, Duncan Baker-Brown will join other leaders in the built environment sector to discuss how the ambitions to reduce energy demand in buildings and decarbonise the construction sector by 40% by 2030 can be implemented. The roundtable will be looking at how we can set an action oriented agenda for the built environment ahead of COP28 in UAE. Hosted by VELUX, this event will take place at the Buildings Pavilion.

Thursday 17 November, 12.30pm to 2pm (EET)

Implementation Lab: Achieving the Built Environment 2030 Breakthrough

RIBA’s Smith Mordak will join a roundtable of sustainability experts chaired by Victoria Burrows of World Green Building Council to discuss existing action based projects that signal change across the built environment, as well as the need to transform the policies that affect planning systems in order to achieve ‘The 2030 Breakthrough’. Hosted by the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, this event will take place at Action Room 2, Lotus.