Beyond Binary Symposium.

What a brilliant start to the new term. Level four Interior Architecture took part in a really inspiring symposium entitled ‘Beyond Binary’- the powers of inferiority to challenge the normative ideas of design. To kick off their Cultures: Critical Voices module students spent the day listening to a diverse range of speakers both in the room and online ( of course).

Speakers included recent graduates and current PHD students as well as practitioners and researchers from beyond Brighton. Topics up for discussion ranged from decolonising the curriculum and thinking about reading lists and the design cannon to inclusive practice in higher education. From escaping the sausage factory after university to building bridges and schools in Leuser the last intact forest remaining in Sumatra through to the politics of food post Brexit.

After lunch there was a thought provoking presentation from the brilliant Jo Boys exploring the politics of gender, disability and activism in architecture and design.

So much to think about as we head into 2022.