A New Minister for Energy and Business: DBB has something to say!

Duncan Baker Brown was featured in the Architects Journal this week having a few words to say about the recent appointment of Jacob Rees Mogg as Minister in charge of Energy and Business. Squeezing every last bit of gas from the North Sea, support for fracking, rejecting wind farms in favour of fossil fuels – the policies supported  by Jacob Rees Mogg within the context of ever increasing energy prices, might give us a clear warning of how the Minister will view his new brief.

Duncan’s argument is that (in Jacob Rees Mogg’s terms) fossil fuels have priced themselves out of the market; they are unaffordable. So people are saving energy (which is obviously a good thing ), and wherever possible are installing solar panels to create their own energy ( which is also good).

Renewables are now something like nine times cheaper than fossil fuels(in real terms). But argues that still the government want us to borrow huge amounts of money to pay for over-inflated bills for stuff we don’t need.

You can read the full article here.