MA Interior Design: An Exhibition of Material Experiments.

Students and staff from MA Interior Design are thrilled to invite you to a showcase of their work on Friday 21st Jan. This is the culmination of their new ‘Technology & Material Practices’ module – an exhibition of material experiments addressing the notion of ‘integrity’ and its relationship to spatial quality.

The students would be thrilled to see you there and be delighted to share their experiments and findings with you. We are excited to finally have some student work showing once again in Mithras 😊 open from 11am 21st January and run until Friday 28th.

Using the driver of ‘integrity’ MA Interior Design students have explored how material innovation can influence the experience of space. Through [re]investigating / [re]imagining / [re]interpreting a key material element of interest of a pavilion critically analysed – students are exploring and examining how these adaptations ultimately impact spatial quality. Thus, these are not building propositions or models as representations of space, but are instead made artefacts to test, experiment, investigate and manipulate material form and composition.

A huge thanks go out the extended technical team for their commitment to the module, from planning stages in the summer, to tutorials, reviews and installation help.

If you are able to join briefly on Friday afternoon, sometime between 12-3 we would be very grateful for the support.