Women in Property Award: Olivia Gillam.

Olivia from Studio 12 has been nominated for the prestigious Women in Property National Student Award.
The award is a competition based on portfolio work and interviews with female second year students in the building industry so, will include project managers, surveyors, engineers, architects, and interior architects.

Here Olivia tells explains her nominated project.

“My approach to the brief is centred around my own family and our routines. My dad, Glen, is an Insurance broker who works from home 9-5 Monday to Friday. My mum, Jodie, works away from home Monday through to Thursday and studies from home on the weekends for her accountancy exams. I am a student who studies at home and travels to university Monday to Friday.

Using the nine-square grid principles allows for varying room sizes, circulation, and floor levels to merge within a simple box. Changing floor levels help to steer away from the victorian framework populated with walls and divisions. In this project, divisions are only used when necessary. In this way, a single decision won’t dictate the whole design and cause an argumentative layout.

Focusing on individual routines meant that I could create a more personal design, specific to my family. For example, when I come home, it’s a relief- my comfort space. I kick my shoes off, drop my bag and go to see my dad and tell him about my day. The intention is to go back and tidy after the conversation but I never do. This annoys my mum who likes all mess to be hidden. In response to this, I designed a space where this is allowed- where you can kick off your shoes into the walls of the building, maintaining my sense of relief and my mum’s tidiness.

Zooming in on my dad’s work routine led to the design of a floating working volume that is connected to the main living space through exterior pathways, intertwined with nature. There is a diagonal progression from his working space, through his sleeping space to his meditation space to symbolise the gradual unwinding from working to relaxing. I’d like to be able to take this idea of floating workspaces and walkways through to next semester where we start to think about creating a housing development. I feel as though it could be an interesting way to express community and create relationships between neighbours.”

For more on the Women in Property Award see here: https://www.womeninproperty.org.uk/initiatives/national-student-awards/