WIPE: (Best Models, Prototypes and Best Installations in a Domestic Setting)

In the past the School of Architecture and Design have exhibited students’ work in progress in the Mithras House exhibition space. This year with so much work being produced in digital format this year due to the pandemic, we moved the whole exhibition online.

WIPE (Work in Progress Exhibition) allows students to share their work with their peers and beyond  showing the results of hard efforts made in student kitchens, bedrooms and gardens all over the world. Most of all ‘WIPE’ is a celebration of the enormous creativity, talent and resilience of our students in an incredibly difficult situation.

Installation in a Domestic Setting Category judged by Pete Marsh

1st Prize: Undine Evalde “Bedroom installation” https://vimeo.com/501494034

Pete said “Undine gets my vote for installation, for sheer persistence. She really made you feel like you wanted to help sticking things up, very funny, and the final shots of the paperwork look really interesting too”

Undine commented, “I was very happy and excited to participate in this project and taken by surprise when I received a notification for winning the prize for Best domestic installation. As a first-year international student I did not expect to participate in any type of exhibitions, but it brings me joy that I was able to be a part of “Work in Progress Show” and maybe even inspire or at least entertain any viewers.”

2nd Prize: Archie Faulkner “Bedroom Installation – Creating a journey” who managed to completely transform the sense of space in his video, his installation is great fun and hopefully he has shares in a blue LED lighting company.



3rd Prize: George Armin’s “I Don’t Think You Can Handle This” door handle design was really well considered through material investigation and with a potential that was punching well above his weight for a student in their first year with us.

Model, prototype, 3D Category: Judged by Pete Marsh.

1st Prize: Eojin Jo’s “Surveillance Society” wins best model because of her video. The model itself  is simple but Eojin has managed to create and capture some really excellent, top quality moments in her video that absolutely convince you. The video of the model makes you feel and understand the seemingly contradictory sensations of ‘being seen’, ‘not being seen’, and ‘transparency’. The illusion of people watching you, always walking away as you move through the model, adds to the intended narrative of surveillance. The lighting was perfect to promoting the sense of being there whilst hiding the reality of the model. Overall, with simple materials and a creative eye she made a model that says something about her design and her ideas that couldn’t be captured any other way.



2nd Prize:  Alice Richardson for “Grafting and Pattern Making” and her sewn leaves. A novel and delicate hypothetical solution to a well-considered problem. The model was understated but well made must have been just a tad frustrating at times

3rd Prize: Edmund Morgan’s “1:1 Perspective section tape drawing on my bedroom wall” installation video of the perspective was entertaining, professional and the result was high quality and used well. Pete went on to say “Don’t care if this is considered drawing I consider it model – using materials to capture a design intention in space…my definition”