Sensing Climate Change…your chance to get involved!

Exciting News- First Year BA Architecture tutors Max Martin and Livia Wang have (as part of a wider group called The Museum of Open Windows) won a competition for an exhibition around climate action and the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow. As such they are keen to spread the word and get as many people involved as possible.

A key part of the project has been to develop an interactive podcast/field guide called ‘Sensing Climate Change’. This has now been released and it is hoped that students will get involved with listening to the podcast and taking part in sending in their notes and recordings.

Here is what to do

  1. Download the field guide by searching for Museum of Open Windows – this is available on most major podcast platforms.
  2. Grab a smart phone and press play – you will then be guided through the walks.
  3. Collect samples during your walk capturing elements of your surroundings to help build a living picture of all the different ways climate change affects us all.
  4. Share your findings by sending them via WeTransfer to
  5. Visit the Exhibition between June and September at Glasgow Science Centre. The Museum of Open Windows will be represented at the Reimagining Museum for Climate Action. All data sent in from the field guides will be exhibited, giving a unique view into others worlds.

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