Seeking Participants: A Two Day Design Workshop to Re-imagine Birth Space, March 2021.

Calling Student Designers in the SoAD! Libby Blundell (Architect, Academic) and Jo Gould (Senior Midwifery Lecturer) are Seeking Participants for an Interdisciplinary Design Workshop to Re-imagine birth space.  This two day workshop will bring together designers and midwifery students to re-imagine birth space.  You will participate in collaborative design exercises that culminate in a propositional piece for an Alternative Birth Space.

You may have an interested in medical or health design, you may be interested in co-design, co-creation or cross disciplinary design, you may like the opportunity to consider design from another perspective or you may want to hone you communication or leadership skills, if you’d like to be involved do get in touch.

The workshop will be run online, via Teams and is scheduled for Monday 1st and Thursday 4th of March. We have 45 Midwifery students signed up who are excited to think about the impact of space on their practice and alternative ways and places in which babies may enter the world. You will be asked to bring a story to the first session (more information for interested participants), an openness in thinking about design from a different perspectives, you should be ready to discuss space with students not trained in the visual arts, but who are trained in the delivery of care within their professional discipline.

If you’d like to take part email Libby on  or look her up on Teams (Elizabeth Blundell – Senior Lecturer) and get in touch if you would like more information.

They are looking forward to hearing from you.