Midlands Pavilions.

Jessica Melville Brown who is currently undertaking a PhD in Design Activism and is teaching on the BA Architecture course has just completed her most recent interior design project in South Africa. The project which was recently featured on Archdaily was quite a challenge taking the pandemic plus new babies into account; here Jess tells us more.

‘For this project I collaborated with the amazing Janine Glennie who was my absolute star in South Africa. The architect was the also the unbelievably talented Nadine Engelbrecht. My role as interior designer for Pavilions project in Nottingham Road, South Africa, began when the client stayed at one of the Latitude Hotels in Malawi or Zambia, where I had worked as lead product designer, working in collaboration with the design-led social enterprise ‘Katundu’ in Malawi.  He asked me to develop the interiors for the home he was building.  A series of Pavilions, which interconnect through pathways, joining the main living space, master bedroom, the kids room and guest room. Our focus was to work with the local community, to design and develop interior artefacts for the spaces, which would work hand in hand with the modern architecture designed by Nadine Engelbrecht.  I worked with Katundu in Malawi (a social enterprise that employs single mothers and carers) to develop a series of interior pieces, such as chandeliers and light installations, using 100% recycled materials, such as glass, copper, electrical and mechanical parts.  The project began in 2019, and continued through the pandemic, with many changes, challenges and barriers.  Working online throughout the pandemic allowed me to complete the project, whilst working with my fellow amazing interior designer, Janine Glennie in South Africa, who supported me in sourcing the items as well as installing and dressing the spaces.’