John Andrews Student Prize for Drawing 2021.

Do you have a  drawing, sketch or diagram you are proud of ?We invite all students across the School of Architecture and Design to submit a drawing for our annual Drawing Prize. This prize is dedicated to the memory of John Andrews, a much-valued colleague who was teaching in the School until his untimely death two years ago. One of John’s aims in his teaching was to combine the physicality of drawing with thinking and the pursuit of knowledge. This prize aims to demonstrate the importance of drawing as a process of discovery and communication that takes place across our disciplines and also as a subject, medium or method of research.

Students from any level are invited to submit a drawing, sketch or diagram.  This should be largely hand-drawn and related to notions of ‘discovery’ within your particular studies. The prize will be awarded for quality and precision in the use of medium and for success in communicating the drawing’s intention. One prize will be awarded for an Undergraduate or Foundation student drawing and one for a Post-Graduate drawing. The prizes will be a magnificent book about the processes and significance of drawing.

Drawing is a Method of Thinking, a connective understanding between the eye, the hand, and the mind. At its most primitive level, drawing could be reduced to a single mark: a smudge from the tip of a finger. A scratch from a nail or an imprint from the palm of the hand. On a more esoteric level drawing may be understood and utilised as a vehicle for communicating an abstract idea.

Submission Details

  • The competition is open to all students across the School and at any level (Post-graduate, Undergraduate or Foundation).
  • The drawing can be any size but if it is bigger than A1 you may wish to submit a photograph in the first instance.
  • The drawing can make use of any medium but must be largely hand-drawn.
  • Your name must not be on the drawing to ensure it will be anonymous to the judges.
  • The drawing should have a title and be supported by a separate 200 to 300 word text outlining its purpose and/or its intention.
  • The deadline for submission is 4.00pm on Wednesday 9th of June 2021.
  • The drawing should be uploaded to Miro, which is a free online collaborative platform where your work can be viewed by the judges. Email Terry Meade: when you are ready to upload the drawing. Include your name, course and the title of the drawing and you will receive an invitation to post it on the Miro board.


The prizes will be awarded at a date to be determined after the end of the academic year.